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File Reputation Appliance"

On-Premises Threat Intelligence for Files

ReversingLabs’ T1000 Appliance provides access to an on premises, up-to-date copy of the industry’s most comprehensive source for threat intelligence and reputation data on files. As a local, customers do not incur latency penalties and privacy risks associated with the Internet. Powerful query functions are accessed through a high performance REST Web Services API. The T1000 Appliance uses a proprietary NoSQL database optimized to support advanced search across billions of file records in milliseconds. TitaniumCloud identifies files and provides rich information about their contents. Every sample is processed using the ReversingLabs Active File Decomposition engine to extract all contained objects and their internal proactive threat indicators. The samples are recursively unpacked, decompressed, decrypted and de-obfuscated. The proactive indicators extracted from the resulting components includes format, format validation, strings, sections and certificate chains. Malware samples are also scanned twice daily with 29 anti-virus products and the history is stored in the TitaniumCloud database.



Reputation information and detailed proactive indicators on over 1.5+ billion known malicious and non-malicious files.